12th Annual General Meeting in Bangkok: Tandem Global Logistics Network goes digital

Published April 4, 2019 in Network

85 participants, representing 73% of the territories covered by Tandem Global Logistics, gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, for the network’s 12th Annual General Meeting (AGM) from March 24 to March 26. The AGM has proven to be a great opportunity to strengthen the cooperation and friendship among the partners as well as an excellent platform to develop new business together.

During this year’s AGM, new partners from Mexico (Ciamerica), Myanmar (Azuma Logistics), Nepal (Laxmi Shipping) and Vietnam (Headway) introduced themselves. Several new territories – including Senegal and Ivory Coast – will be rolled out in the coming weeks. On behalf of the 14 shareholders, Tandem’s Executive Director Frits Schouffoer and the Executive Board Members Patrick Lo (Canada), Steven Powell (USA) and Oliver Thormaehlen (Germany) presented their annual report, which evolved around the current strategic plan based on the four pillars growth, quality, value and innovation.

One of the major achievements of this year is the decision to move forward with the implementation of a central digital platform and data warehouse, which will connect all global Tandem partners and their 200+ offices. This SCM platform will offer a range of benefits for our partners and customers. Tandem will also focus on the appointment of new quality partners in countries that are not yet covered by the network, especially in Eastern Europe and Africa. It is Tandem’s policy to only appoint one exclusive partner in every country. The successful cooperation between the majority of the currently 82 global partners dates back to the 1990’s. Some of them have been around for over a century – our shareholders CH Powell dba Tandem Global Logistics USA, will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in June.

We will continue to encourage all partners to increase the business volume between themselves, especially in the field of airfreight. And we will support that effort with our ongoing marketing activities. The bilateral business development sessions, which have become a traditional component of the AGM, as well as the interactive group discussions, were deemed highly productive and particularly useful by all attendees.

The event was hosted by Siam Azuma Multi Trans Co., Limited, Tandem’s exclusive agent for Thailand. Siam Azuma has been engaging in customs clearance, freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing, packaging and other logistical services for 28 years. They are a subsidiary of the Azuma Shipping Group from Japan, one of the 14 shareholders of this international freight forwarding and logistics alliance.

The next venue will be Rome from 29-31 March 2020 and will be hosted by Tandem shareholders Iscotrans S.p.A. Italy.




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