Tandem Global Logistics Network was established in 2007 by the management of 13 freight forwarding companies:

  • Tandem Global Logistics Netherlands BV,
  • CH Powell dba Tandem Global Logistics USA,
  • Tandem Global Logistics Canada,
  • Freight Navigator AG Switzerland,
  • Rieck Sea Air Cargo International GmbH & Co. KG Germany,
  • Universal Global Logistics S.A. Spain,
  • Tandem Global Logistics India,
  • ISCOTRANS S.p.A. Italy,
  • Azuma Shipping Co., Ltd. Japan,
  • Kanoo Freight Saudi Arabia,
  • Tandem Global Logistics Singapore,
  • Tandem Global Logistics Brazil,
  • Tandem Global Logistics Pakistan.

The majority of these forwarders had been cooperating successfully for many years under a different freight forwarding structure with its own worldwide offices in some countries and appointed agents in others, until its ownership changed when a large international shipping company took over a competitor and its affiliates in 2007.

The key personnel of the 13 companies listed above, decided that they wanted to remain independent and that they wanted to continue their cooperation independently. Therefore, they created a freight forwarding network with exclusive agents in every country, under the brand name Tandem Global Logistics. And in a number of countries, the agents even went as far as to brand and establish themselves as a 100% Tandem Global Logistics company.

Why did we chose the name Tandem? Tandem is a word which is used internationally to refer to any group of persons working together to achieve the same goal. If we look at the six letters which the word TANDEM consists of, the letters N, E, T refer to network, and the letters D, A, M are the first three letters of the structure which the majority of the Members used to belong to before 2007. And in the design of the logo, one does not need to have a strong imagination to recognize two links of a chain (the D and the E), strongly connected by a red “halo”.

Mr. Bart Roozekrans was appointed as the network’s first Executive Director. The initial focus was on the legal and organizational establishment and to sign agency agreements with the companies in all the countries. Mr. David Powell from CH Powell dba Tandem Global Logistics USA and Mr. Joep Stijns of Tandem Global Logistics Netherlands also played a leading role.

Cooperative Tandem Global Logistics (UA ) is a Dutch legal entity registered with the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce.

In 2011, Bart Roozekrans retired and Tandem Global Logistics Network appointed Frits Schouffoer as his successor.

In 2012, Element International Forwarding and Logistics Ltd., Turkey joined as the 14th Member of the Cooperative TGLN.

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Our forwarding network has a presence in major industrial centres in the world.  Our more than 200 offices cover over 75 countries and the network is constantly expanding.