Tandem Global Logistics Network adds two more new Partners

Published February 21, 2019 in Partners

We have recently appointed Laxmi Shipping and Air Logistics (PVT) Ltd. Nepal and Headway Co. Ltd. Vietnam as new cooperative partners of the Tandem Global Logistics Network. The move strengthens our presence in South and Southeast Asia  and is in line with the network’s new strategy to appoint quality partners which are commercially active and who can develop their own air- and ocean freight shipments with their fellow Tandem partners.

The initial contact with Laxmi was established by Mr. Abdul Hameed Paracha of shareholders Tandem Pakistan, who visited their offices last year and recommended them to the Tandem management. Laxmi Shipping belong to a group of companies which is owned by the Shrestha family. Laxmi consist of five strategic locations across Nepal, including the head office in the capital, Kathmandu. For the country's standards, they are a large organization. Laxmi have a team of 50 logistics experts, five of whom focus solely on sales. They provide supplementary services such as customs clearance, house deliveries and storage. While Laxmi do not concentrate on specific countries or markets, but China, the Far East, the Gulf countries, Europe, and Africa are particularly important for them. Laxmi Shipping are creative and innovative in supplying the services which are required by the market.

Established in 2003 by a group of close friends from the same university, Headway Co. Ltd. Vietnam has developed rapidly to become a leading logistics provider in their region. The company’s head office is located in Ho Chi Minh City with branch offices in Hanoi and Chu Lai. Headway have more than 100 staff and approximately 25 % of their employees are sales people. Headway is an affiliate of TBID (Tien Bo Investment Development company) and they are FIATA and IATA members. The company is well-positioned in the Vietnamese market and offers a full suite of end-to-end logistics solutions. They have a substantial volume of general cargo, especially for their niche markets of perishables and automotive logistics. Headway confirmed that they can also provide supplementary services as customs clearance, house deliveries, and storage. They have in-house custom brokerage licenses, trucking (Normal and trucks with Genset) and Insurance Brokerage. They further offer supply chain management and distribution solutions. Their creativity and flexibility has secured them an important role in their local market.

Both companies are thrilled to have been appointed as exclusive partners of Tandem Global Logistics Network and they look forward to make their personal introduction at the upcoming AGM in Bangkok. Tandem is equally excited to have strengthened its coverage on the Indian Subcontinent and in South East Asia!



Frits Schouffoer

21 February 2019


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