Tandem Global Logistics Network appoints new partner in Mexico

Published January 17, 2019 in Network

Tandem Global Logistics Network announces the appointment of Comercio Internacional America (Ciamerica) S.A. de C.V. as new cooperative partner in Mexico, strengthening its coverage in North America. The step is part of Tandem’s Quality Phase which was announced last year when Tandem presented its new network strategy.

The addition of Ciamerica to the network was recently finalized after Tandem Global Logistics USA recommended the company to us. Ciamerica is the freight forwarding division of a relatively young group of logistics companies, owned by Mr. Efrain Caporali.

Ciamerica’s central office is in Mexico City, with branch offices located in Cancun and Merida. In its capacity as IATA agent, Ciamerica are quite strong in airfreight. But they also have an excellent reputation in ocean freight. The company is focused on the current needs of the market, for example with a textile license and import permit which allows them to serve as a trading company for those customers who do not meet the requirements to export or import by themselves. As a young company, Ciamerica offers flexible and agile logistics solutions which can easily adapt to any special customer requirements within the entire supply chain, and provide the client with clear information about the status of their shipments.

Ciamerica offer all sorts of supplementary services and customs brokerage at Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadelajara, Cancun, and Merida airport, the ports of Veracruz, Altamira, and Manzanillo, as well as at the Laredo border. Their warehouse is located close to Mexico City airport, where they also handle temperature controlled cargo.

Ciamerica is very honored and grateful to join Tandem Global Logistics Network and it will be a pleasure for the Ciamerica team to be part of our big family and develop business together. Tandem is equally happy to have strengthened its coverage in North America.




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